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How can anyone still believe in Obamanomics? The only answer I can come up with is a complete lack of understanding of economics. The only other thing I could speculate about is an irrational belief in big government as a solution. I say irrational because we have much more evidence for bigfoot and UFOs than […]

I read this today at Hot Air (HT: Allahpundit) from Matt Stoller at Salon: The Democratic Party should be the party of pay raises and homes, but under Obama it has become the party of pay cuts and foreclosures. The part I want to address is the “should be the party of pay raises and […]

There is a fundamental distinction that is no longer being made and it’s important that it is made.  The distinction is between government functions and social functions.  Some things are legitimate problems requiring government action. Some things, however, are social issues, not requiring government action, but activity within the society. My favorite example is environmentalism. […]

More on regulations

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Good article today at Q&O blog by Bruce McQuain: The growth of the regulatory state.  Well worth reading. In the past three years of the Obama administration we’ve seen an explosion of regulations.  Investors Business Daily brings you the gory details: Regulatory agencies have seen their combined budgets grow a healthy 16% since 2008, topping […]

Hair puller of the day…

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Ed Morrissey at Hot Air alerts us to this bit of brilliance by the Obama administration’s regulatory regime (quoting from Investor’s Business Daily): ExxonMobil, and its Norwegian partner Statoil made the biggest discovery of all — a field worth a billion barrels of oil — 7,000 feet below sea level in its “Julia” field in […]

A Progressive Comes Clean


This is from a progressive named Brad DeLong: You Know, I Arrived in Washington in 1993 to Work for Lloyd Bentsen’s Treasury as Part of the Sane Technocratic Bipartisan Center… And it took me only two months–two months!–to conclude that America’s best hope for sane technocratic governance required the elimination of the Republican Party from […]

You know my answer to that question.  In response to Warren Buffett and Ben Stein, Mark Skousen writes at Human Events: Of course, Buffett and Stein are correct in one way:  The rich can afford to pay more in taxes.  The rich (I’m in this category) have surplus wealth that we can draw on to […]

The Cost Of Regulatory Compliance

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The cost of regulation to businesses in America is $1.75 trillion (according to a study done by the SBA’s Department of Advocacy).  That is $1.75 trillion in costs to businesses, which end up in prices paid by consumers.  In other words, to fund compliance with regulations, American consumers pay an additional $1.75 trillion for the […]

How exciting!  President Obama is going to reveal a big jobs program in the coming weeks.  Nancy Pelosi probably thinks that means more of those great job creating unemployment payments.  The sad thing is, I’m guessing ol’ Nance isn’t far off. Here’s what I will bet will not be in the plan, despite that fact […]

President O-Blame-a Strikes Again

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I did it again, and I’m kicking myself.  I listened to President Obama in a news clip.  I’m trying to learn to reflexively mute the radio when I hear his voice, because he tends to make me crazy whenever I hear him speak.  I just wasn’t quick enough.  Damn. The president is on his “blame […]