The purpose of this project is to collect suggestions about how to help entrepreneurs  start much needed new businesses.  What this project is most concerned about is the creation of publicly held companies.  In other words, how to create an investment climate that produces funding for start-ups.  What regulations should be abolished?  What might be created that includes protections for investors (without eliminating risk) and that also protects the entrepreneur?  Should there be an entirely new classification of business with a different set of rules until it meets specific criteria?  What tax incentives would spur more investment?

Formulate your own questions.  Then answer them.  We’ll get input from as many people as possible, then try to consolidate a list of proposals and submit them to the leadership in Congress.  The goal will be to get legislation passed that will ignite the entrepreneurial activity of a dynamic and creative population, and to encourage the investment necessary to create successful companies.

If you are an entrepreneur, tell us what roadblocks you’ve encountered and what you would propose to eliminate them.  If you’ve successfully started a business, tell us where encountered difficulties and what your experience in successfully starting your company tells you about what should be changed.

If you want to participate, please e-mail me: slattery (at)

Our government has to stop working against business and at least get out of our way as we try to create the businesses that create wealth, improve the standard of living, and generate jobs.