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The Tamarack Conspiracy

by Pat Slattery

The government has gone too far.  It has taxed, spent, and regulated businesses until the economy collapsed. Naturally, the government elites blamed businesses and the rich, while trying to soak every last penny out of them to support their own failing programs.

A group of entrepreneurs decides they can’t live without personal and economic freedom.  Pursued by bureaucratic thugs from the newly created Office of Economic Realignment, they conspire to defy the government.

Caught in the middle is Sean Murphy, a young man who supported the plans of the big government elites until he saw how badly they were turning out.  Sean is surprised to find out that his father is not only part of the conspiracy, he is the leader.  While trying to protect his father and his cohorts from an increasingly fearsome OER agent, Sean learns from them how the wonderful plans of the elite went wrong, and why they believe so strongly that they must defy the government in order to preserve the American dream.

The Tamarack Conspiracy is written for people who love personal and economic freedom.  At this point in time we are seeing how easily the elites in government can take the economy down, while proclaiming how much good their programs will do.  We’re seeing how they demonize the rich and businesses.  This book takes place a short step from where we are today and could be our future if we don’t do something about it now.

Readers have said: “It’s smart, and it has a sense of humor.”  “I couldn’t put it down.”  “It made me see things differently.”  “It makes you think.”

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We Believe in People Bumper Sticker

This is the simple and powerful truth.  Democrats claim this great love of people, but their answer to every problem is government.  Republicans are saying, “We believe in people.  Get government out of their way and the people in the private sector will solve our economic problems.”  (“We believe in people. They believe in government.” is taken from a discussion between two characters in The Tamarack Conspiracy.)

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Business VS Government Bumper Sticker

This sticker is meant to educate people in the differences between the private sector and the government.  Perhaps fans of big government will start to understand that what they get with government solutions is more bureaucracy and more bureaucrats in their lives.  Who would prefer dealing with a bureaucrat who has no incentive at all to solve a problem or provide a solution, to dealing with someone from a business who needs to please you if they want to keep your business (and their job)?

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“All Prosperity” Bumper Sticker

If we could get people to understand this, we’d have an easier time shrinking government.  I’m sure that to any reader of this blog the first part is obvious, but it is not obvious to many people who haven’t thought about it.  “When Government harms businesses it hurts us all” follows from that, but few people think about it.  We are all in this together.  Success for one creates opportunities for many.  (By the way, I’m using the word prosperity rather than wealth so that people think “all the nice stuff” rather than picturing one person with a bag of money.)

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