Government Shutdown: 800,000 non-essential government workers… Let that sink in for a few minutes. Keep in mind that, according to studies, these people are paid more than their private sector counterparts. I hope that the question people are asking themselves is why we have a government that is so bloated that it employs, on OUR dime, 800,000 non-essential workers.

Again, as with the sequester*, Obama is trying to make the shutdown hurt. For most Americans, by far the vast majority, we don’t even notice. Must be galling…

*Have you seen the Democrat talking point that the Obama administration has been cutting spending at an unprecedented rate? “How can he be considered a big spender when…” So they are now trying to take credit for the “evil tea party’s” attempts to reign in out of control Democrat spending. The reduction in spending caused by the sequester, which Obama and the Dems in the Senate opposed with every fibre of their being (after Obama actually proposed it because he thought nobody in their right mind would go through with it) is being used as proof that Obama is not a big spender. The smartest thing they (the Dems) ever did was to raise the hell out of spending in Bush’s last two years when Pelosi/Reid had control of the purse–including Bush’s final budget year when he didn’t even sign the budget, but Obama did sign it, though it wasn’t technically “his” budget year. Since the “great budget inflation” years, the “budget” (in quotes, because there has only been one more in that whole time) hasn’t grown much, and now has even gone down (due to diligent efforts by tea party Republicans) a little. So the Dems blame Bush for the increase in budget (actually a Pelosi/Reid budget) and take credit for any reduction, saying it proves they’re not spendthrifts. It’s really genius, at least if your target audience has no clue as to what is really going on, which describes, apparently 51% of Americans.

Democrat pundits are warning of how the shutdown puts the quality of our meat, etc. at risk. Do they ever consider that any meat company that sells tainted meat is jeopardizing its ability to stay in business? Do these government workers actually believe, and actually sell the concept to gullible people, that companies who sell meat would be selling tainted product if not for government oversight? They literally have no clue that in a free market, with competition, a meat company really needs to sell high quality product (that doesn’t make its customers sick, or open the retailers it sells to to lawsuits) at prices deemed by the consumer to be reasonable in order to make money. Selling tainted meat, with or without government supervision, puts meat companies out of business. But, by God!, we sure need government bureaucrats to be involved…

Obamacare: “But its the law of the land!” is now the mantra of the left. But, wait! In the “law of the land” there weren’t all of these exemptions that the Obama administration has been doling out to favored groups. How come it’s the law of the land when you and I have to obey it, but it’s not the law of the land when Obama wants to give benefits to his cronies and fellow government types? Shouldn’t the same people shouting “it’s the law of the land” be up in arms that Obama has made changes to it by fiat, particularly the changes that exempted big businesses and Congress-critters?

I am torn by sympathy for two opposing views regarding how you stop Obamacare. One is the Ted Cruz side that is trying to defund it. It’s a terrible law, passed under extremely suspicious conditions, and it should be regarded as unconstitutional in my opinion (put a black robe on me, and that opinion would possibly make a difference, but I’m not a Supreme Court Justice, so it doesn’t matter much). The other is the “Let. It. Burn.” side that says that the law is so f*cked up that if we let it be implemented, the people will revolt against it. I’d hope they’d have started revolting already. And, the revolt would have to include people understanding that they need to have Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and a Republican President to get rid of it. Could it be the thing that wakes people up to the ineptness of Government trying to solve our problems? I hope so. I appreciate Ted Cruz’s effort, but it was doomed to failure. Perhaps what he was doing, ultimately–intentionally or not–was educating people so that they understand more of the problems with Obamacare as the Dems demand that we all follow the law… which means that they are really demanding that we Let. It. Burn.

One thing that drives me crazy is that it is never acknowledged that it is Government’s involvement in health care and insurance that has screwed the whole thing up in the first place. For example, tax policy made health insurance a perk at your job, which make it non-portable (your health insurance belonged to your company, not to you) and also makes buying insurance without a big “group” (like a company) more expensive (you don’t get a tax break to offset the payment, and the “group” has become the pricing mechanism since insurance has become tailored to being something sold through the companies you work for). In addition, Medicare and Medicaid have the government controlling health care payments in a large percentage (can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s a number like 40% or 50%) of medical care, which means that prices are set by government, and any shortfall that would result in monetary loss by the provider has to be compensated for by charging more to people carrying regular insurance. The whole system is so “non-capitalistic” with the third party payer problem (people being completely out of touch with the prices paid for goods and services) that all feedbacks are completely screwed up. Add to that (which Obamacare does in spades!) the problem of busy-body do-gooder politicians telling insurance companies what must be covered for ALL policy holders (eliminating the possibility of people being able to pick and choose what they WANT to be covered for and what deductible they’d be willing to pay from a menu of options). Things like these are what got us into this mess in the first place. People will say “capitalism has failed in health care”, but, with all of this, when has it really been tried (within your lifetime)? Now Obamacare will exacerbate these problems… And leftists will be shouting for more government intervention to correct the problems. Sheesh.