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Can Republicans educate people about economics in 10 months? That is the job in front of us. Why is national debt bad? We end up hurt as a nation in many ways. To name two: spending on the interest begins to eclipse the ability to spend on even necessary government functions (defense and infrastructure, for […]

How does capitalism work in its most pure form? 1. Someone thinks of a way to meet the needs and/or desires of other people, figures out how to meet those needs and/or desires for a price other people will be willing to pay, successfully alerts people that he has a product or service, then provides […]

Fairness Again… Sheesh

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I have to admit, I didn’t listen to the SOTU last night. To be honest, I can’t stand to hear Obama speak. His cadences drive me crazy and his content is so divorced from reality that I just get angry. However, I read recaps and printed excerpts. Again, the man talked about some nebulous concept […]

1000 Days Without A Budget


We must take note of this: It has been 1000 days since Democrats have produced a budget. The Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid, has literally not even put pen to paper in 1000 days. 365 of those days the Democrats controlled both the Senate and the House. The lone budget that was passed […]

Mitt at Bain

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People are criticizing Mitt Romney for his work at Bain Capital. It seems that people lost their jobs after Mitt came. What did Mitt come to do? Bain was in the business of buying troubled companies, turning them around (if possible) and reselling them at a profit. A profit to whom? A profit to investors […]

I was going to write about Obama’s speech yesterday, but Dale Franks at Q&O blog did such a great job that I’ll just link his post: The Mask Comes Off.  

John Hayward wrote a great post at Human Events: The Blindness of Big Government Democracy. My favorite quotes as John hits it out of the park: Voters are trained to see very little individual cost in offering political support for disastrous nonsense they would never try on their own.  Congress, in turn, passes only obligation […]

DWS Insanity

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I had a “wait just one damned minute here…” moment yesterday listening to the news on the radio. A “wait just one damned minute here…” moment (aka a “wait… what?” moment) is when someone says something so divorced from reality that it sort of stuns your brain for a second, and then you want to […]

We All Changed…

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The other day I caught the last five minutes of “The Outlaw Josie Wales” on television. At the very end, Josie (Clint Eastwood) says, “I reckon we all died a little in that damned war.” (or something like that) I’ve been thinking about our candidates and the Republican party and I think Josie’s sentiment about […]

Too Complex for Government

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You have to read this post by John Hayward at Human Events: How Obamacare Cheats the Poor. Just to sum it up quickly so I can make my point before you read John’s full article: Obamacare mandates that if one person in a family has individual insurance (companies are mandated to provide individual insurance or […]