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Common sense regarding gas prices

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President Obama seems to want it all ways regarding gasoline prices. He says that the problem is world demand, but doesn’t see the wisdom in increasing supply by more domestic drilling. He doesn’t like the long timeline for drilling (no Democrat ever does… we’ve had decades of non-drilling supported by the argument that the drilling […]


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Three things came together the other day that gave me a realization. The first happened at CrossFit. For those who don’t know about CrossFit, it’s done as a combination of different exercises at high intensity. For example on this day the Workout of the Day was a push-press (a shoulder press in which you use […]

Must Read Victor Davis Hanson

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I loved this article by Victor David Hanson at PJ Media: The Gaseous Policies of Barack Obama. This bit was especially satisfying: Why would the president consider tapping the strategic oil reserve, but not start a breakneck effort at developing new sources? Is previously pumped oil less polluting; does it increase supply and lower prices […]

From Dan Mitchell’s International Liberty blog: From John Hayward at Human Events: Sebelius and the death spiral From Thomas Sowell at Town Hall: “Super Tuesday” Also: My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Andrew Breitbart. His voice and passion will be missed terribly. I’m greatly saddened at the loss of this man who […]

Deception In Pursuit of Power


A quickie post about something I have mentioned before in other posts, but it’s so irritating that I am compelled to bring it up again. The Obama administration, in its zeal to blame everything on somebody else, refers to the 2009 budget deficit as the deficit he “inherited.” Approximately $1.3 trillion dollars. What is never […]

In an election year sometimes the bad news is good news. It clarifies what some would rather obfuscate. Unfortunately, it’s still bad news and it means people will be hurting. The news we’re hearing, and experiencing, now is the rise in gasoline prices. That is good news in an election year when you oppose the […]

How Stupid Are They?


I have a lot of left wing friends. In fact, I’m often on an island by myself amid Democrat talking points. It’s frustrating, but I like people for more than their political views and I occasionally get through. It’s not always easy, given the volume of the bad info people are getting and the lack […]

Must Read Hayward

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A must read by John Hayward at Human Events: The Corporate Tax Poison Just a question… If we have the most progressive (meaning the more money you make, the more you pay, not “progressive” as in the Progressive Movement, and certainly not meaning something contributing to progress) income tax in the industrialized world, how exactly […]

You Have to Earn it First


Why don’t teams playing in the Super Bowl grab the Lombardi trophy and start celebrating before the game? Because you have to earn it first. That’s the way it is with the goodies in life. The government needs to understand this simple precept. People who want more government spending need to understand it. The government […]

Once again the underlying statist philosophy of Barack Obama was laid out for all to see. The guy is subtle, but once you see his game, it’s as obvious as a neon sign on a moonless night. The other thing that is obvious is that he does not understand the Bible any better than he […]