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President O-Blame-a is at it again. Did you hear him say, “I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed” on New Years night in relation to Debt Ceiling negotiations. He’s not going to try […]

Long Overdue Post

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Time to dust off the ol’ keyboard and write a post. I’ve been busy… working, oddly enough in this economy. Actually, I am helping a friend remodel a house (he’s a contractor and had to fire his workers for drinking on the job, leaving him in a tough position after getting his bid accepted to […]

One of the things that changed my life, and my view of capitalism, was something my father did when I worked for his company. At that time I was still under the sway of my college training and relentless demonization of “corporations” in the media and by Democrats in particular. It seemed the bad guys […]

I just read an article by John Hayward at Human Events called, Rise of the debt interest monster. As uncle Sam borrows more and more money one thing needs to be clear to everyone: The government has no money of its own. When the government borrows money over and above what it collects in tax […]

You Have to Earn it First


Why don’t teams playing in the Super Bowl grab the Lombardi trophy and start celebrating before the game? Because you have to earn it first. That’s the way it is with the goodies in life. The government needs to understand this simple precept. People who want more government spending need to understand it. The government […]

Once again the underlying statist philosophy of Barack Obama was laid out for all to see. The guy is subtle, but once you see his game, it’s as obvious as a neon sign on a moonless night. The other thing that is obvious is that he does not understand the Bible any better than he […]

Fairness Again… Sheesh

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I have to admit, I didn’t listen to the SOTU last night. To be honest, I can’t stand to hear Obama speak. His cadences drive me crazy and his content is so divorced from reality that I just get angry. However, I read recaps and printed excerpts. Again, the man talked about some nebulous concept […]

You know my answer to that question.  In response to Warren Buffett and Ben Stein, Mark Skousen writes at Human Events: Of course, Buffett and Stein are correct in one way:  The rich can afford to pay more in taxes.  The rich (I’m in this category) have surplus wealth that we can draw on to […]

The Cost Of Regulatory Compliance

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The cost of regulation to businesses in America is $1.75 trillion (according to a study done by the SBA’s Department of Advocacy).  That is $1.75 trillion in costs to businesses, which end up in prices paid by consumers.  In other words, to fund compliance with regulations, American consumers pay an additional $1.75 trillion for the […]

How exciting!  President Obama is going to reveal a big jobs program in the coming weeks.  Nancy Pelosi probably thinks that means more of those great job creating unemployment payments.  The sad thing is, I’m guessing ol’ Nance isn’t far off. Here’s what I will bet will not be in the plan, despite that fact […]